Austrian Public Affairs Association

Public Affairs, also called the “foreign affairs” of corporations and organisations, have increasingly gained significance in Austria. As a result, the Austrian Public Affairs Association (OePAV) was founded in September 2011. Membership is open to public affairs professionals in companies, trade unions and NGOs or self-employed public affairs consultants. OePAV members work in various business fields. OePAV aims to unite key areas of public affairs – Lobbying, Government Relations, Issues -and Stakeholder Management and Corporate Social Responsibility.

OePAV facilitates the exchange of knowledge of the national and international level. Our goal is to strengthen the position of the public affairs business in the public.


Our objectives are:

  • To be the contact for the Austrian government and administration regarding regulations of the public affairs business
  • To develop the public affairs business by defining quality standards and a code of conduct; to support an exchange of knowledge and to provide education and training
  • To increase the perception of public affairs as management tool; to improve its reputation in business environment, the media and the public
  • To make Austrian politicians and administration aware of the importance of reputable public affairs work
  • To support the identification of public affairs professionals with their profession across structural boundaries (companies, agencies, associations, NGOs)


The Austrian Public Affairs Association cooperates with national and international associations to advance the exchange of experience. Partners include:

Public Affairs Verband Austria
Public Relations
Verband Austria
Deutsche Gesellschaft
für Politikberatung e.V.

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